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If it were possible, how would you desire to transform your life?

How may your shortcomings and limitations be used to your advantage?

Would you be open to trying it if it existed?

Fascinating, right? It's for this reason that Theta Healing® and other healing techniques have grown so popular recently.

Renew Life Healing helps spiritual seekers and healers become more aligned to their purpose so they can experience true freedom and joy.    


What to Expect...


Belonging & Love

Divine Life Flow

Pure Joy and Bliss!

What does being energetically aligned mean and feel like?

The term "alignment" refers to the state in which we are living out our soul's purpose. When everything in your life is aligned, you may experience an overwhelming sense of gratitude, love, and peace. 

When we are not in tune with our soul's purpose, on the other hand, we may experience negative emotions such as sickness, impatience, and frustration. You may feel overwhelmed, or nothing seems to go your way no matter how hard you try.

Every morning, you're filled with the desire to create, share your talents, seize the moment, and grow. When you're in energetic alignment, you're also in tune with your emotions, which are nothing more than energy in motion. Emotions with low vibration can be released by allowing yourself to feel and express them fully.



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Individual Personal Sessions 

Take one of these services to make healing sessions more personalized. 

  • Personal 1:1 Life and Spiritual coaching 
  • Energy Healing Session 
  • ThetaHealing Session 
  • Energy Healing Session (Personalized Recorded)
  • Home/Space/Spirit Clearing 
  • Diamond Dowsing Energy Clearing 
  • Animal Energy Healing Session
  • Energy Healing Session (Zoom)
  • Hypnotherapy Session




Some of us have a clear idea of what we want out of life and how we might obtain it, while others don't. Understanding who you are and what makes your life meaningful and purposeful is essential before you can address these challenges. Working with a life coach can uncover one's self and discover one's abilities, talents, gifts, and purpose.

Awaken Your Purpose Program

This program can be an excellent approach to building resilience and thriving if you’re exhausted, worn out, or stuck. Knowing that you exist for a reason is a key component of a sense of purpose. It's the notion that your life is worth living and that whatever you do with your time matters.


What do you need help with? 

  • Feeling stuck, Life Purpose & finding your direction
  • Manifesting your desires
  • Financial abundance
  • Business expansion & success
  • Obtaining your desired level of spirituality
  • Relationships (love, career, friendships)
  • Obtaining wellness & well-being (Medical Intuitive)
  • Life balance (financial, career, relationships, spiritual, health, joy, purpose)
  • Confidence & self-acceptance
  • Positive home energy 
  • So much more!

Spiritual Healing Comes With Great Benefits 

Find Your True Life Purpose

Are you looking for more out of life? Does something in your life stand out to you, but you're stumped about what it is? 

Theta Healing can help you discover your true purpose. Your life can change dramatically after receiving Theta Healing. You can eliminate all of your doubts and feelings of inadequacy to achieve your dreams and manifest your life.

Improve your Spiritual Growth 

In order to lead a better, happier, and more peaceful existence, one must cultivate one's spirituality. ThetaHealing can help you enhance your spiritual journey. With this method, you’ll be able to connect with the Creator meaningfully regardless of your religion. 

Get Rid of Negative Emotions 

You can use the Theta Healing method to release your negative emotions. As a result, your life will be transformed for the better. Negative emotions can also sometimes result in physical discomfort and dis-ease.

Enhance your Creativity 

Theta Healing can remove obstacles and blockages that prevent your creative juices from flowing. Whether you’re a healer, dancer, painter, writer, among others, this is perfect for you. Creative energy can flow freely through deep healing and radiate into the world, allowing others to experience it.  We all use our creative gifts everyday.

Improve your Holistic Health and Well-Being 

With Theta Healing, you'll get to the bottom of your health problems. If you're feeling down, you're more likely to get sick.  

Using this technique, you’ll discover the underlying causes of your health problems, such as limiting beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. With this, you’ll regain your healthy life after I energize your weak areas.

Theta Healing can also help you overcome low self-esteem and self-confidence by addressing the underlying issues holding you back from fully expressing yourself.


What Happens During the Session? 

Theta Healing sessions typically begin with a conversation between you (client) and I (Practitioner). Together, we discuss your desired outcomes and ask additional questions to clarify and help you achieve them. To begin receiving healing and giving your consent for any changes or improvements that come your way, you are guided into a state known as Theta brainwave activity. Everything that occurs during the process is something that you are fully aware of.

All you have to do after the initial conversation is relax, listen to my instructions, and respond to questions that arise so that I can help you achieve the changes you desire.

Looking for ways to transform your life? 

Undoubtedly, ThetaHealing is helpful for anyone who wants or needs to make life-changing decisions. You'll be surprised by the kind of help you might get along the way. If you're looking for the best method to transform your life, look no further than Renew Life Healing. I'll give you the ability to design your life as you desire.

There are always events for you!

Check out the Events page to see what's coming up!  There are always events occurring designed to help you consistently heal so you can improve all areas of your life! Recurring events include - ThetaHealing Seminars, group healings, weekly home/land healings, educational webinars, and more!

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